The Gatekeepers – Bureaucracy Run Amok (Video)

According to the World Bank, Canada ranks 23rd in the world for Ease of Doing Business (2019) (just slightly ahead of the Russian Federation.)
Canada ranks 64th for Dealing with Construction Permits. It takes, on average, 249 days to obtain licenses and permits, submit notifications, request and receive inspections and obtain utility connections for a warehouse. The United States is 24th at 81 days.

In the IMD World Competitive Ranking (2019) (measure of how productive a country is) Canada has now fallen from 10th place to 13th (the United States is 3rd, China is 14th). Though not the main reason for Canada’s decline, one of the issues is falling behind in building infrastructure. Canada is 12th in Economic Performance, 14th in Government Efficiency, 16th in Business Efficiency, and 12th in Infrastructure.

How a growing industry of politicians and protestors, bureaucrats and busybodies privilege themselves by blocking everybody else.
– Pierre Poilievre –

Pierre Poilievre is a the Canadian Member of Parliament for Carlton, Ontario. He is currently the Conservative Shadow Minister for Jobs and Industry. He champions the free market in which everyone gets ahead on merit, not government handouts, where people take ownership of and responsibility for their own destinies.

Here is the link to Pierre’s YouTube channel: Pierre Poilievre

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