Canada’s Prime Minister Fails on Both Counts

This is a clip from a speech made by Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau (Trudeau the Divisive) on April 13, 2021:

Mr. Speaker, once again, I think it is really important that we work from facts and an understanding of the science around things.
We know, for example, that the U.K. is ahead of just about everybody else on vaccinations, and yet it maintains very strong restrictions and is facing a very serious third wave.
– Right Hon. Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister, Lib.) in Hansard

Steerpike at The Spectator on April 14, 2021 commented on Britain’s ‘serious third wave’ by saying:

Trudeau’s claim that the UK is facing a ‘very serious third wave’ comes despite the latest figures showing that the UK currently has lowest case rates in Europe, with 173 per million for 13 April compared to Germany on 1,516 per million and France on 3,892 per million. The return of schools and a surge in those returning to work has failed to dent the drop off in Covid cases and deaths, both of which are down by 95 per cent since their peak.

The UK chief medical adviser Prof Chris Whitty  spoke of another wave as being possible, but suggested it may not actually come until the winter, giving more time for the vaccination programme to rollout. He also  said “The UK should be confident that path from here does look better, but we should still expect “bumps and twists” along the way.”

The UK Daily Update for April 14, 2021 confirms the drop in cases and deaths:

Cases to April 14, 2021
Deaths to April 14, 2021

Many countries are forecasting a third wave, which they believe will be, or is being caused by coronavirus Variants. One of these is the B.1.1.7 variant which was identified in September 2020 in the English county of Kent. It caused a surge in cases in the UK that pushed their death toll above 125,000, and triggered travel bans by dozens of countries.

As for the Prime Minister’s remark in the same speech:

Vaccinations on their own are not enough to keep us safe. We need to engage in the right kinds of behaviours and do things that the Conservatives are not always good at, like wearing masks, keeping distance and obeying public health rules.

Weren’t we all told that getting the vaccine was what was going to give us our lives back? Isn’t that the carrot that has been held in out in front of us for the past year?

And then he has the audacity to suggest that non-conservatives are the ‘right’ kind of people and that Conservatives have not pulled their weight during the pandemic.

It was only a few short years ago that he pretended to reach out to  Conservative supporters, saying that Conservatives are not enemies of Liberals, but their neighbours.

“We will fight for Canadians. All Canadians,” he said. “We will fight for their future and for their hopes and dreams. We will fight for their right to have a government that respects them, that listens to them, that sticks up for them, and that cares about them.”

Our Prime Minister speaks with a forked tongue.

There, I'm finished. Now it is your turn:

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